General disposition

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Dear Passenger
From our consideration, on the part of the management of HOTEL ONTIVEROS, we would like to expose the following general dispositions that must be kept in knowledge:

• It is requested that when you leave the room, leave the key in reception.

• According to the 20,660 law of Tobacco, which as a Hotel we are obliged to comply with it. We have prepared the corresponding signage in all those places where smoking is prohibited, including HOTEL ROOMS.

It is also important to mention the danger that any cigarette will be lit, running a fire or accident risk that would bring invaluable consequences to you. And to us as a company.

For those passengers who smoke by means of this we allow you to request their understanding for this provision and not smoke inside the room, and do so only in the places enabled in the surroundings of the Hotel which are marked with the corresponding ashtrays.

In the event of noncompliance with the current legal provision Hotel Ontiveros will include the costs of washing carpets, washing curtains, painting the room among others to the passenger at the time of his check out.

• Due to safety and control regulations, the doors that have been arranged as escape routes must always be kept closed.

• Please do not generate annoying noises in areas near the rooms.

• Pets are not allowed except law 20,422 (guide dogs).


The administration.