Sustainability Policies


The Management and work team of the Hotel Ontiveros, are assisted by the conviction of carrying out their tourism activities sustainably.
For this, we have developed our Sustainability Policy, in which we define the principles, commitments and actions in the economic, socio-cultural and environmental fields.
In this way, the Sustainability Policy developed will become a permanent guide to our work, which will be enhanced on the one hand by its dissemination among employees and guests, and on the other by its continuous review, in order to ensure its improvement keep going.


We want to be recognized as the BEST HOTEL OF SAN FERNANDO, and one of the best in the Region; based on the quality service that every day as a team we place as a goal to deliver.


We exist as Hotel Ontiveros, to provide a hosting service focused on the satisfaction of our guests, supported by a team of highly committed, integrated, competent and willing to deliver a quality service that the guest seeks and at the same time to make your stay is also an invitation to return.


• Being against the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms, especially sexual and in particular when it affects children.

• Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to the operation (labor, health, safety and environmental aspects).

• Implement a comprehensive communication strategy that informs passengers of our policies of sustainable actions and invites them to participate or support.

• Maintain and conserve, within our possibilities, the natural ecosystem where the hotel is located.

• Hire personnel from our community.

• Generate instances of collaboration with the community within the establishment.

• Respect cultures, traditions and local heritage.


• Reduce the energy consumption of our facilities through the use of energy-saving light bulbs.

• Reduce the environmental impact generated by solid waste through effective Waste Management.

• Keep all our employees trained in environmentally friendly practices.

• Use and defend local services.

• Propose to customers the option of reusing towels for more than one night in case their stay is longer.

Ligia Jeldez Aravena.
Legal Representative and General Manager.
Hotel Ontiveros.