A little history

Hotel Ontiveros, a little of History Why Ontiveros y no Antivero?

Passed the period of the Spanish conquest in America when it comes to Chile, sent by the King of Spain, Don Pedro de Valdivia, who shortly after his arrival, he founded the city of Santiago on February 12, 1541, in June of that Valdivia year was appointed governor of Chile. During his tenure, known Valdivia founded the parcels, which were territorial extensions assigned to an administrator or encomenderos and also included the indigenous population lived there.

San Fernando area was given as instructs Riberos DON FRANCISCO ONTIVEROS, who accompanied Pedro de Valdivia to fulfill actual mandate of conquest and the foundation of indigenous peoples in Chile.

The parcel intended to Don Francisco de Riberos Ontiveros, call Malloa, was a territory reaching as far north as the river course of Rengo and ended in the south in the river Tinguiririca also included the LA basin and Rome by Lingues East.

Subsequently, in order to facilitate colonial administration by Spain, parcels were divided into mercedes. In 1602, Don Alonso de Riveros Suárez de Figueroa, son of Don Francisco de Ribera Ontiveros, Treasury receives the mercy Hontiveros Ontiveros or consisting of the following estates: The Dungeon, The Ramada, San Hernán, El Trapiche, Angostura, Cañadilla, Lircunlauta , San Fernando, El Olivar, Antivero Viña, Roses of Antivero, Poland and Lingues.

Thus, the name Chile come to Hontiveros or Ontiveros to stay earthbound huasa of Chile, San Fernando.

According to heraldry, surname Ontiveros has multiple sources, including:

Is said to be of patronymic origin, ie, derived from the place of residence of the original bearer, derives from the Basque word "OTA" meaning vine and the Latin word "Veros" which means true, real.

It is said to be a former province of Old Castile.

It says that the original name is FONTI VEROS, in Old Castile was a feudal lord who had a trough where shepherds took their sheep to drink water, and is therefore VEROS = shepherd and FONTI = source, therefore FONTIVERO = SOURCE DE Shepherd.

It is said that is the source and VEROS FONTI Latin means truth, would therefore SOURCE OF TRUTH.

Whatever the origin of the name ONTIVEROS, we have absolute clarity that came to Chile to

Spanish through Riveros Francisco Ontiveros. It is thought that the name of the area where this hotel is located today, ANTIVERO ROSES comes from the surname Ontiveros, for everyday use and the passage of time his first letter "O" was replaced by the letter "A" giving rise to the word ANTIVERO.

Source: Lircunlauta Museum - San Fernando.